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The Anti Fur League (AFL) is an independent group of anti-fur activists with the goal of raising awareness about the issue of real fur in fashion. By organizing the annual March Against Fur in Zurich and by providing a platform for activists, we fight for an import ban and contribute to the international resistance.

The cruel practices of the fur industry are widely known: Animals on fur farms spend their lives in tiny wire cages without ever being able to follow their natural instincts. Gassing and anal electrocution are recommended killing methods in Europe, while in China the animals are mostly clubbed to death and often skinned alive.

Over a 100 million animals are killed every year for their fur, 85% of them are raised on industrial farms and 15% hunted in the wild. Both "production" methods are unspeakably cruel - and no commercial fur is a byproduct of slaughter for meat. An overwhelming majority of all furs worn in Switzerland come from abroad, and are all produced under circumstances that would be illegal in this country.

In fact, there is no ban on fur production in Switzerland. The reason that there are no fur farms here, is because such a facility would be mandated by wild animal welfare laws and therefore not be profitable - basically having to look like a zoo. This means that any fur product imported to Switzerland come from a production that would be deemed animal abuse according to Swiss Law - whether it's declared or not.

This is why we will take to the streets on Saturday, November 19th 2019 - to ask for an import ban, because only a ban can make sure we don't support practices involving animal abuse!

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