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// Who is the Anti Fur League? An introduction in English

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The Anti Fur League (AFL) is an independent group of anti-fur activists with the goal of raising awareness about the issue of real fur in fashion. By organizing the annual March Against Fur in Zurich and by providing a platform for people opposed to fur, we fight for an import ban and contribute to the international resistance.

Our mission

Through the Anti Fur League, we want to encourage political activism with all members and thereby contribute to building a strong, collectively organized anti fur movement across boarders. We aim to provide a platform by connecting activists on our Facebook page and in the members section of this website. There is an up-to-date list of links for personal research and a monthly newsletter.  

// We believe in the importance of supporting each other by sharing our stories: Send us your photos, videos and written experiences wth confrontations so we can post them on our Facebook page! 


There are different forms of anti-fur activism and no one is better than the other: Whether it's confronting fur wearers on the street, educating the public with flyers, campaigning against fashion labels/retailers or direct action - everything has its justification, as long as human rights are respected.

// The Anti Fur League has signed the "Tierbefreiungsmanifest" and is part of a broader social movement for the rights of the environment, humans and animals. We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination within our community.


The AFL community is made up of organizers and independent members. Anyone who signs up over the website automatically becomes an member. There are no costs or responsibilities attached to being a member - you will simply be able to comment on blog posts and receive the monthly newsletter

// As the issue of fur motivates activists from different movements (animal rights/welfare, environmental protection, etc) and we are trying to avoid divisions or purity politics, we ask all members to avoid debates about veganism and to focus on common anti-fur activism instead.


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